Coming Soon! Stings and Arrows (provisional title)

Mama Rama - portrait drawing of Tanzanian woman

“Mama Rama” was our village mentor.

A book of stories about our adventures in a very special part of Africa, Tanzania’s Lake Eyasi basin, where cultural groups intermingle – hunters, herders, farmers, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, researchers and tourists.  We went there to house-sit a farm and work on some creative projects, but were drawn into a saga of village politics, conservation efforts, anthropology and tourism development. We were provided with some kids to rear, and built a home in the bush. We experienced the warmth, wisdom and practical skills of our village neighbors, and also saw the darker side of superstition, greed, poaching and mob justice. Some of our stories are funny, some sad, and sometimes there’s a sting in the tale. Illustrated with drawings by David Bygott.

We’ll post some chapters later.



Some past publications:

Lions Share  A true story about a fascinating pride of lions struggling to survive on the Serengeti plains. Written from the lions’ point of view and showing how many other animals share the ecosystem with the lions. Illustrated with drawings by David Bygott and with our photographs.

Kangas: 101 uses  Kangas are printed cotton wraps traditionally worn by women on the East African coast. This little book explores the many different styles of wearing them, as well as other practical or fanciful ways of using them. Drawings by David Bygott

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Guidebook  An overview of the history, geology and wildlife of the NCA, which includes not only the famous Ngorongoro Crater, but also Olduvai Gorge, half the Serengeti Plain, and extensive forested highlands. Drawings by David Bygott

Kilimanjaro National Park Guidebook  A brief guide to the history, geology, wildlife and climbing routes on Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. One of a series we helped produce for Tanzania National Parks in the 1980’s. Drawings by David Bygott