Jeannette & David crouch down to watch dung-beetles

Jeannette Hanby & David Bygott

Safari is a Kiswahili word for a journey, whether it’s to Serengeti or to a nearby city.

We’ve spent a good part of our lives on safari, living in East Africa and now living in and exploring Arizona. Our adventures have inspired us to begin a new endeavor,  a site where we can share with you some of the funny, strange, interesting or incredible moments that otherwise evaporate in time.

Here is where we will write about places and events that we hope you will enjoy.

To begin, we will post periodic blogs. Also try downloading our free greetings card and tell us if you like it.

Give us feedback – the site will only work for us if it works for you.

In the picture, we’re watching two little dung-beetles pushing along their ball of dung. We, too, will try to keep our own ball rolling!